Artist Pastor



From performance to facilitation, Marthame utilizes the wisdom of improv for entertainment and transformation.


“Experiences that are as fun as they are transformative.”

— MaryAnn McKibben Dana (Author of God, Improv, and the Art of Living)

Through interactive workshops, Marthame can help your team see how the skills of improv can be of benefit to you. Whether this is for your leadership team, your church, or just fun with friends, these events are perfect opportunities for safe, creative, risk-taking with plenty of “a-ha” moments to take home. Contact for more information.

“Deep insights into our faith and relationships. Perfect intergenerational format.”

— Richard Hill (Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church)

Marthame is also available to perform for your events along with a team or organizing an event at which you and your friends are the performers. Contact for more information.

“Authentic, refreshing, and an absolute joy to work with.”

— Melanie Bliss (Central Presbyterian Church Retreat Committee Chair)

Marthame also performs as a mainstage player at the Basement Theatre in Atlanta once a month. You can check out his performing schedule by clicking here.

“Aspects of Marthame's teaching have become part of our group culture and we are better for it.”

— Matt Hunter (Director, OneLife at Southern Wesleyan University)