U2Charist Easter Vigil - The Music

You can click on the arrows below to listen to live versions of the music played at the U2Charist Easter Vigil service. There are more links at the church website. You can also subscribe to the OPC podcast, where these live versions can also be downloaded. The band (AKA U6): Tim Kromer - vocals Rachel McDowell - vocals, keyboards Seth Hammonds - guitars Marthame Sanders - rhythm guitar, backing vocals Ted Kloss - bass John Gunter - drums

[audio http://www.opcbrookhaven.org/worship/audio/music/04-03-10-01.mp3] MLK/Beautiful Day (Procession) lyricsiTunes download (MLK) lyricsiTunes download (Beautiful Day)

[audio http://www.opcbrookhaven.org/worship/audio/music/04-03-10-02.mp3] Grace (Old Testament readings) lyricsiTunes download

[audio http://www.opcbrookhaven.org/worship/audio/music/04-03-10-03.mp3] Yahweh (Old Testament readings) lyricsiTunes download

[audio http://www.opcbrookhaven.org/worship/audio/music/04-03-10-04.mp3] I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Transformation of the Sanctuary) lyricsiTunes download

[audio http://www.opcbrookhaven.org/worship/audio/music/04-03-10-05.mp3] Sunday Bloody Sunday (Our Hope) lyricsiTunes download

[audio http://www.opcbrookhaven.org/worship/audio/music/04-03-10-06.mp3] Magnificent (Our Remembrance) lyricsiTunes download

[audio http://www.opcbrookhaven.org/worship/audio/music/04-03-10-07.mp3] "40" (God's Invitation) lyricsiTunes download

[audio http://www.opcbrookhaven.org/worship/audio/music/04-03-10-08.mp3] With or Without You/Where the Streets Have No Name (Our Communion) lyricsiTunes download (With or Without You) lyricsiTunes download (Where the Streets Have No Name)

[audio http://www.opcbrookhaven.org/worship/audio/music/04-03-10-09.mp3] I Will Follow (God's Blessing) lyricsiTunes download

[audio http://www.opcbrookhaven.org/worship/audio/music/04-03-10-10.mp3] Pride (In the Name of Love) (God's Sending) lyricsiTunes download