Another Opportunity for Middle East Travel (8/17/10 to 9/2/10)

This trip is a women's trip to the Middle East. If you have the chance, please do go! The trip will be August 17 - September 2, 2010, (there is also a chance to return on 8/30 if necessary). The Presbyterian Outreach Foundation has put this trip together as well. You can find more details about Outreach trips in general here and this trip in particular here. In 2002, we got the chance to visit Syria and Lebanon and to be with Presbyterian brothers and sisters there. The journal from that trip can be found here. I was also there in 2009 as part of the General Assembly's Middle East Study Committee.

Earlier I posted about another trip to the region, that one taking place in November of 2010. You can find more about that trip on another post.

"Come and see" for yourself!