Trip to Meet with Iraqi, Syrian, and Lebanese Presbyterians (11/5-19/2010) - A Must!

This just came into my inbox today. If you have the chance and inclination to visit with our amazing Iraqi, Syrian, and Lebanese brothers and sisters, I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. The trip will be November 5-19, 2010, and is organized by the Presbyterian Outreach Foundation. You can find more details about Outreach trips in general here and this trip in particular here. In 2001, I was lucky enough to visit Iraq and to spend some time with each of our five Presbyterian churches there. Elizabeth and I kept a journal of our time there, and you can see reflections and photos online here. We also wrote a reflection about our time there which I have re-posted on my blog here (just ignore the political references that make the reflection a bit dated. You may have heard that things have changed in Iraq since 2001. It has been on the news some).

And in 2002, we were fortunate to visit Syria and Lebanon and with our Presbyterian brothers and sisters there. The journal from that trip can be found here.

But don't take my word for it. Take Philip's advice to Nathanael. "Come and see" for yourself.