Travel Updates: An Experiment...

Starting today, July 13, I'll be traveling in the Holy Land until July 28. In an effort to unplug from work for a true retreat, I will not be taking my laptop so that I won't be tempted to check email and the like. I am, however, going to attempt to blog about my trip in very, very brief reflections. If I can figure out the technology (or if anyone can suggest it), they'll show up here as blogposts.

If I can't, then I will "tweet" updates to my blog (currently, my tweets are updated in the left sidebar; scroll down from here). Not pretty, but hey, what do you want from a pastor geeking out on vacation?

It may end up that I'm not able to blog, tweet, or even send messages via passenger pigeon. If that's the case, then be happy - that means I've been able to focus on relaxing (even if I'll be annoyed that I can't figure out the solution).