Session Re-Organizes!

For those of you interested in more details about the Session re-organization, here 'tis. Session also approved a structural re-organization of our ministries. The adaptation should help us to be better stewards of time as well as generating energy (never in short supply at OPC!) for our ministries. Some of the re-organization we have already acted on: increasing our care ministry to include six deacons in active service, altering the size of Session to nine elders to streamline our decision-making processes and to allow our elders to spend more time together as spiritual leaders of the congregation.

Session will now be organized into three Ministry Groups: Discipleship, Outreach, and Resources. Each of these Ministry Groups is then organized into Ministry Committees. The Discipleship Ministry Group consists of Christian Education and Worship Ministry Committees, and will also serve as the link between Session and our Preschool Board. The Outreach Ministry Group consists of Communications and Mission Ministry Committees, and will also serve as the link between Session and our Deacons. The Resources Ministry Group consists of Administration, Buildings and Grounds, and Finance Ministry Committees.

(Ah, labels. Is there anything you can't make more exciting?)

The nomenclature isn’t as important, obviously, as the streamlined decision-making process which gives more responsibility to these Committees and Groups on behalf of the Session. At the same time, all Committees and Groups will begin meeting at the same time, the first Thursday of every month. We will begin this on Thursday, August 6.

The combined meeting times allows for more intercommunication between Committees and Groups about items of shared interest as well as making it very difficult for folks to be spread too thin by participating in a multitude of committees (which we think is a good thing!).

Driving this is our Vision and Mission Statement. And if you're interested in getting involved personally, you can read more here.