Uncle Marty

by Alan Kelley (Marty's Nephew) The last time I saw Uncle Marty was at a Westminster High School reunion. I was celebrating my 20th. He was celebrating his 50th. He had seen me from across the room and came over to chat. I remember vividly how happy he seemed. He had a great smile and a fun twinkle in his eye.

During the past couple of weeks I have thought a lot about my Uncle Marty...the skits he would give at family reunions, his special sense of humor, the ease with which I could relate with him, his fortune of having such a close family, the pain and difficulty felt during these past few weeks, and the opportunity I was given to talk with him by phone several days ago when he was in the hospital.

I am very sad to see Uncle Marty go. I have felt heavy and shed some tears. But I like to keep in mind the image from our high school reunions. I believe that if we could see him now in heaven, we would see some of that same happy smile and fun twinkle.