Family Gatherings

Dad was one of the funniest people I ever knew. He really tapped into that much later with his stand-up comedy (see below), but as he slowed down over the years, I had forgotten how quick-witted and sharp he was. The two videos below are from the Sanders' extended family Christmas gatherings. Dad was usually the one documenting the proceedings, but he always made sure he had a few moments in front of the camera as well.

In 1980, each family member was asked to share their favorite Christmas memories. Dad went last and stole the show. The camera is shaky because I (age 10) am trying my best to keep it steady while laughing hysterically at him the whole time. [youtube=]

In 1981, we had just returned from a trip to Mexico, and the siblings and inlaws are all curious. Mom's behind the camera and she, too, is having trouble with the "hold steady" approach. [youtube=]

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