Wall-E and Genesis?

So tonight Elizabeth and I had another date night; and this is the second time in a row we've chosen to go see an animated flick. Kung Fu Panda was the last one, which we enjoyed. Tonight, it was Wall-E. The places we usually go for reviews (especially The Onion A.V. Club) raved about it enough that it seemed the best option above all. Pixar seems to have had a good winning streak going with not only great technology, but phenomenal story telling. Wall-E keeps that streak alive.

What has suprised me, though, has been the hubbub from conservative corners about the not-so-subtle "liberal agenda" being thrust on unsuspecting audiences. It does seem to touch the zeitgeist of environmental concern and facts around growing obesity in the U.S., and none of it was subtle; that much is true. However, I was more drawn to the Biblical allusions in the story. I haven't read or heard anything about Andrew Stanton (writer/director) doing so intentionally, and it may be that such stories are such a part of our cultural identity here that they are absorbed through osmosis. But a couple of Genesis moments come leaping out of the screen. I won't share them for fear of spoilers, but I bet you'll spot them if you see the film.